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Book your tickets for “Lohengrin“ in January 2020 at the Vienna State Opera! Enjoy the magic of the conductor Valery Gergiev and the voice of Piotr Beczala!






Valery Gergiev


Andreas Homoki

Heinrich, The King

Ain Anger


Piotr Beczala

Elsa of Brabant

Friedrich von Telramund
Ortrud, his wife

Cornelia Beskow

Egils Silins
Linda Watson 



Lohengrin is Richard Wagner's sixth opera, a romantic opera in 3 acts. It takes place in the 10th century in Brabant, a province located on today’s Belgian and Dutch territory, with a historical background. Wagner embedded the mythical events around medieval Swan Knight Lohengrin (sent by the Grail) into a historical framework. After King Henry I defeating the Hungarians in 933, Hungary threatened East Francia again after a truce of nine years, so the King travels to Brabant on his journey to assemble a large army. On 28 August 1850 the premiere took place in Weimar under the baton of Franz Liszt.


Wagner succeeded in creating a new form of opera with Lohengrin: a thoroughly composed musical drama in which the composition is played through act by act without interruption. Another special feature of this opera is its instrumentation: for the first time in Wagner's oeuvre, the orchestra carries the action on stage. This marked a big step in the composer’s musical development.

Enjoy Lohengrin and get enchanted by the performance of the unique cast and ensemble members, accompanied by the Vienna Opera House Orchestra (Staatsopernorchester). The Orchestra consists of prestigious musicians and several members of the internationally renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Orchester that will be conducted by the extraordinary conductor Valery Gergiev. Also Piotr Beczala as Lohengrin will take part in this amazing opera of Wagner. 


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09th, 12th, 16th and 19th January 2020


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