European Championship 2021
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European Championship 2021

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Every four years it's that time again: the European Championship (Euros), eagerly awaited by sports fans, takes place again! The European Championship is one of the most exciting football tournaments ever, organised by UEFA, the largest European football association, determining the continental champion of Europe at national team level. The competition has been officially known as the "European Football Championship" since 1966. The current European Football Champion is Portugal.

For the 60th anniversary of the tournament, the Euros 2020 will be held for the first time in its history not only in European cities, but also in an Asian city (Baku). There will be a total of 51 tournament games, including in Germany, Holland, Italy, Denmark, Ireland and England, before the European Champion will finally be decided.

The opening match will take place on 12 June 2020 in the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Other venues include among others St Petersburg, Amsterdam, Bilbao, Dublin, Copenhagen and Munich. The breathtaking final will take place at Wembley Stadium in the British metropolis of London on 12 July 2020. As always, tickets are in great demand!

As at the last European Championship in 2016, 24 national teams will participate in this season's finals. The qualification mode requires 20 teams to qualify for the European Championship and 4 more to qualify for the UEFA Nations League 2018/19 play-off tournament.

The European Championship usually marks a month of celebration for all football fans, reuniting football fans and sports enthusiasts and giving them the opportunity to visit the most diverse cities and experience very interesting football matches. Get your tickets for the European Championship Tournament 2020 here to not miss the unique sport atmosphere live!

At the moment the qualification is not finished yet, but it looks like top national football teams from all over Europe will participate once again: Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy and many other teams will be able to qualify for this European Championship.

As soon as the qualifying rounds are over and the groups are formed, the ticket fever for buying the coveted tickets for the European Championship 2020 is expected to set in yet again. Everyone will have the unique opportunity to experience the best matches live and to accompany and cheer on their favourite team during this historic tournament!

The Viennaticketprovider team is excited and eager to see who of the national teams will be able to qualify for the playoff tournament. Of course, we remain neutral with regard to the teams and keep our fingers crossed for everyone - may the best team win! 😊

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Event: European Championship 2021